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TVM Silicone sealants are flexible, yet powerful products that can be used in various applications. Silicones are unaffected by UV light, heat, cold, dry or wet conditions making them a top choice for a long service life in all weather conditions, up to 3 times longer than organic sealants.

In addition to Silicone sealants, TVM is proud to offer Modified Silicone, Latex, and Butyl products engineered to meet your specific needs. Modified Silicones are easy to work with, can be applied in extreme temperatures and can withstand moisture soon after application. They are also flexible and paintable, but generally not as strong as silicones. Latex products are also easy to work with, clean up with water, have minimal odor and are non-toxic, but are better suited to interior applications. Butyl is the most water resistant product available and works exceptionally well sealing gutters, roof flashing, foundations and below grade applications.

FREE Twisted Top Nozzle on all cartridge Sealants