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NEW Product - Twisted Top

TVM's EXCLUSIVE Twisted Top Nozzle


TVM Building Products is proud to introduce our revolutionary new 360 degree, swivelable silicone nozzle - ‘Twisted Top’. TVM recently acquired North American rights for this newly patented accessory, giving TVM exclusive rights for distribution within Canada, US and Mexico. This product was developed with the professional contractor and D-I-Y consumer in mind, realizing the countless hard to reach areas that are often limited by a straight silicone nozzle. Designed to replace all removable sealant nozzles for caulks, silicones, and adhesives, ‘Twisted Top’ truly is the most versatile accessory in the market today.

TVM’s Twisted Top is adaptable to any sealant, caulk, or adhesive tube with a detachable nozzle. It is an all-in-one product that will perform all the functions of a straight nozzle, while also giving access to typically unreachable areas. The durability of this product is incomparable, built to withstand even the most unrelenting worksites.

Unlike conventional sealant nozzles, Twisted Top gives the user complete satisfaction when trying to reach hard to reach areas such as;

- In and around small Corners
- Behind Toilets
- Underneath sinks
- Tops of doorways
- Around shelves and unmovable objects
- Piping and Plumbing
- And the list goes on...

TVM’s Twisted Top - the industry’s only multi-purpose, 360 degree, twistable silicone nozzle!

Patent #US 7,931,175 B2 




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